1. Never Cut The Track, always ride it as it is, don't cut the track and repeat sections over and over. You will, I promise at some point cause an accident. This happens EVERY weekend, without fail it happens. This recently caused a broken femur right at the end of the day. Don't Do It.

2. Hold Your Line. This might be the single most important thing you can do when riding or racing. If you take off on the right hand side of a blind jump stay on the right hand side of the landing. Faster riders depend on you to hold your line so they can go SAFELY around you. Swirving on the track is just plain dumb, go straight and do your turning in the turns.

3. Enter And Exit The Track Safely. This is huge as well as riders typically just pull off the track without looking behind them and do it at the most unsafe parts of the track. Lets say a faster rider is coming on your right, you decide to pull off the track to your right....BAM, you and he/she just hit the ground. Look where you are going and enter the track in a safe fashion being very aware of who is coming (best to do it when no one is coming). Last summer someone pulled on to the start straight at the top of the hill and a rider going as fast as you can at Bremen hit him and it sounded like a car accident. Again this happens at least twice a month and could be eliminated if we all took the time to just ride to the designated exit and entry points on the track.

4. Look Ahead On The Track. Don't look straight down at your fender, look ahead and see what's happening in front of you... this will save you big time, and makes you a more prepared rider when bad things happen on the track.

5. Go Easy Around The Little Guys. Little guys go fast but sometimes they can be very unpredictable so use caution when you are approaching them and give them plenty of room. A lot of times it's not even their fault, they have smaller wheels so the bumps that don't bother you affect them in a huge way and can cause them to change their direction at a moments notice.

6. It's Practice NOT A Race. No need to bump people, to slam people or block pass, it's just practice and you don't get trophies - so just get around the slower rider in the safest fashion and live to do it all over again next weekend.

7. If You Are Tired, Take A Break. Lots of times crashes occur because we ride past our bodies limits. Take five, stay hydrated and eat something and just relax. Again the goal here is to live to tell the tale.